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BTC an Unconquerable Fortress!

BTC an Unconquerable Fortress!

As you can see, the fierce struggle for the truck throne 2009 has already started in January! This is a brief but apt characteristic of the situation in the Buggyra Technology Centre at Roudnice.

The centre has been turned into an unconquerable information fortress! As the most successful team of the truck Europe already started preparation for 2009 season by testing in Le Mans as early as at the end of the past season, it can certainly benefit from a clear time advantage. This is also proved by the fact that tomorrow, or on Wednesday at the latest, the team will set off for the first testing of this year. The place and the purpose of the testing is veiled in mystery. As confirmed by the otherwise quite eloquent racing engineer Robin Dolejš following a consultation with the technical director of the team Mario Kress, Buggyra have decided to announce information embargo as concerns preparation of the new racing special for an unspecified period of time. What else is left to be said? Perhaps just that under the guidance of the German engineer Buggyra has won what was there to be won in the past two seasons, including 23 of the total number of 36 cup races. The confidentiality status suggests that this year again there will be a lot to be shown to the competitors!

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