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BTC at Full Steam!

BTC at Full Steam!

After the Monday welcome of the New Year 2009 the Roudnice BTC has resumed full operation again. After the two “champion bearing” seasons the staff are ready to continue in the established trend and confirm the domination of Buggyry over the rest of the truck Europe!

Like in the case of great football teams the same rule about not changing the winning team composition applies to Buggyra too! Therefore the head of the logistics, Petr Marek, welcomed all his (temporarily) stray lambs whose athletic bodies have got slightly rounded at the turn of the year. Among them obviously the head mechanic Vojta Loupal and the legendary mechanic, holder of eight champion titles of the Old Continent, Jiří "Gejza" Zahálka. "Unlike the past seasons, thanks to the testing at the end of last year, we have practically followed up with the work commenced in December,” revealed Marek. The team management have decided that like in the previous seasons the proven model of manufacture of a new racing special and its confrontation with the vehicle used in the previous season will be followed again. "Despite last year ´s considerable dominance there is always a lot to improve, David and Markus have come up with a couple of interesting ideas how to accelerate," said technical director Mario Kress. "The championship begins in early May and therefore there is enough time for preparation of the new truck. Our competitors are certainly very busy and alert too." In the words of Petr Marek the engineering team are already quite clear about certain design changes, whose scope will still be kept confidential by the engineers. One of the racing specials is also to undergo a little facelift. "there are discussions on these things but it is too soon to express any definite opinion yet. Since today, however, we have focused on the engine on brake and we are already planning the first testing in 2009. in this respect, however, we are hostage to the weather."

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