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Petr Bosnakov - 19.05.2021

Buggyra Academy is expanding its garage

The team is acquiring another model of the successful Mercedes-AMG line. This time, it is a younger brother of the last year’s acquisition AMG GT3, that is going to help to train young talents under the guidance of experienced David Vršecký in selected European venues.


Buggyra Academy is expanding its garage

“There was no other way. Next week, we’re sending our Mercedes-AMG GT3 to China and unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t enter Aliyyah and David into the local championship – no foreigners are allowed. And we have to race in Europe with something,” explains Jan Kalivoda, the head of communication, the reason why to spend money on the new car.


New opportunity

As the team boss Martin Koloc adds, this is another example of turning a problem into a new opportunity.“After a year, we can finally enter the GT3 into a Chinese championship, but only with local drivers from the Buggyra Academy China project. So, there was no other way than to expand. It’s currently one of the best racing cars to prepare young drivers without using too much grip. We plan to enter this new special into the selected European GT4 series, for now, we’ve chosen the French championship. We also want to race in the ESET Cup that’s becoming more and more popular.” Antonín Charouz and his good contacts also played a big role in getting the new car so quickly. “We’re continuing in a good relationship that Antonín has always had with the AMG and because we’re cooperating in young driver academy projects, it made the transaction much easier.”


Nice, easy and predictable…

The project is led by David Vršecký, who also did the first kilometres together with Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc. “We haven’t analysed our data yet, but my opinion is that it’s a great choice. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 offers pretty much a perfect platform for the development of young drivers, who will later switch to a very fast special. I think this car helps to find and extend limits. Great for our girls. It’s got over 500 bhp, but it doesn’t punish you for mistakes as much as the GT3. It’s much nicer, easier to read and predictable,” says David. 

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