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Petr Bosnakov - 02.07.2021

Buggyra Academy’s young guns to race at Nogaro

After Charade, the French Truck Racing Championship 2020-2021 moves to Nogaro for the second time. While the first race took place last year already, the organisers have come up with a special championship that spans over the two years, so the race counts towards the standings.


Buggyra Academy’s young guns to race at Nogaro

At the start of June, Téo Calvet dominated at Charade and won everything he could. He is now leading the championship and he hopes to repeat such result in Nogaro as well. “Who wouldn’t want to be winning! But I’m afraid that my competition is going to be against me. The truck racing is about battles of experienced drivers and suddenly, there’s this 20-year-old guy,” says the successor of a famous family clan, who spent the time between both races by hard work. “I focused mostly on my physical condition. I discussed data with Robin and David. It is a very fast and dangerous circuit, and David told me how he took his first podium at Nogaro, and one photographer had to run across the main straight, naked, with only the Czech flag in his hand. I’ll try to talk to the team about it, but I don’t know,” said laughing Téo. 


And as it was reported before, Aliyyah Koloc headed to Nogaro right after returning from testing in Dubai. And she sees no issue in switching from desert to asphalt: “I’m already looking forward. It probably won’t be such good fun as racing in dunes, but circuit racing has its magic and it’s about a championship.” While she wishes Téo the best and even a victory, she is the one who is defending the victory from last year. “I also wouldn’t mind repeating my last year’s result and I’m going to do maximum. We’ll make some sort of a deal with Téo.“

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