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BUGGYRA and TATRA Together Heading Towards Dakar!

After Buggyra has definitely asserted itself through its Gyrtech engines at the most prestigious world long-distance truck competitions Rally Dakar and Silk Way Rally, construction of the joint racing special began. The new racing special will be introduced in Most.

 Fat Boys will be Added to Big Boys

 Although execution of a bilateral agreement only came last week, both partners would like to introduce a prototype of their racing special TATRA 815 - BUGGYRA (FAT BOY) already in Most this weekend. "I hope all will be ready in time and in addition to David´s "big boy“ we will introduce in Most our "fat boy" as well", describes the birth of the TATRA prototype the sporting director of Buggyra Jan Kalivoda.

 In addition to the engine with which the currently best Czech Martin Kolomý will defend his fifth rank gained in the last year of Dakar, Buggyra in cooperation with Tatra prepares construction of another prototype. This prototype, as specified by the technical director of Buggyra Ing. Robin Dolejš, will be used exclusively for testing purposes. "There is no point in hiding the fact that Dakar attracts us. We are generally known not to have problems with facing technological challenges. We have proved several times that we have a lot to offer to rally races and we believe that our offer is not "limited" to work on the aggregates.“

 Beginning of New Era 

 The Tatra – Buggyra partnership is considered by the development manager of Tatra Ing. Radomír Smolka a strong technological partnership that will lead to improvement of competitiveness of our trucks in long-distance competitions. "What we expect from our cooperation is above all assurance of a robust and intense testing programme, performed with a vehicle primarily designed for testing. Further expectations include development and implementations of top-standard time-tested technologies, which is a field where Buggyra possessed extensive experience. This was a completely unrealistic task for private teams in the past.“

 According to Kalivoda the combination of the Tatra and the Buggyra brands is a logical outcome of to-date cooperation. "This is a log-term project in the course of which we would like to present top-standard technological maturity of two strong Czech brands of world standards. There is a lot of work ahead of us. For BUGGYRA this is the beginning of a new era.“

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