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Buggyra and the Others...

Buggyra and the Others...

A view of the major statistics of the past season confirms the dominance of the Buggyra International Racing System team over the rest of the truck Europe. The blue arrows of Roudnice dominated the European championship in all “skill” disciplines!

The first of them is the time practice, whose results determine the starting positions for the qualifying race. Fourteen out of the total eighteen victories in the time practice were shared in an equal proportion by David Vršecký and Markus Bösiger. MAN, thanks to Antonio Albacete, seized the remaining four victories. A real tour de force was the appearance of the Buggyra drivers in Le Mans. For the first time in the championship history the two quickest drivers achieved an absolutely equal time with the accuracy of a thousandth of a second. The Vršecký ´s qualifying pole position was decided by the fact that he achieved the best time a couple of rounds before Bösiger. Markus Boesiger with his achievement of 154 score points and nine victories became the most successful trucker of the qualifying race discipline. The second highest score was accumulated by the European Champion David Vršecký with his 145 points. The third most successful collector of qualifying score points was Antonio Albacete with 143 points and six victories. The best scores in the cup races was achieved by the champion David Vršecký. He won five races and thus added 269 score points to his account. The second ranking in this area was achieved by Bösiger, who, paradoxically enough, achieved one more cup race victory, but a thirty points lower total score. Another ten score points represented the loss behind the champion Vršecký achieved by Antonio Albacete with his five cup race victories. At least one triumph was achieved thanks to this trucker by the once dominating MAN brand. The European Champion of the seasons 2005-2006 became the only trucker who has ever managed to obtain the maximums score of 60 points over a single racing weekend. This happened in the final race of the season, at Jarama.

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