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Petr Bosnakov - 28.10.2020

Buggyra arming up for Dakar 2021

While the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team is gaining one great success after another on the circuits, the Dakar specialists are preparing for the next edition of the most famous annual rally raid of the season.


Buggyra arming up for Dakar 2021

For the first time with an automatic gearbox

The Czech team is going to enter with the same amount of Can-Am quads as before, but the things are much busier on the truck side of the operation, as Buggyra is preparing two Tatra trucks. “For the first time in our history, we’ve decided to race at Dakar with a truck that has an automatic gearbox. That will be driven by Martin Šoltys,“ said David Vršecký, the team’s chief designer.

“We’re almost totally sure that the Tatra will be faster in dunes because the wheels won’t lose any traction. When a driver is entering a dune with a manual gearbox, they have to keep the same gear that they had at the beginning. It’s impossible to change the gear halfway through.”

But while it is a new feature, Buggyra is not afraid of taking risks according to David. “This gearbox is tested. We’re not trying to be pioneers here, even though of course, the vehicle is going to behave slightly differently, but we know about that. I think that we’re ready. Also, the other Tatra truck is still going to have the manual gearbox, so we can compare data.“   


Minutes instead of hours

After getting familiar with the SSV category last year, Buggyra is planning to attack the TOP 10.

“When working on the new Can-Ams, we were praising Josef Macháček almost every hour. Looking at it now, the vehicle was very hard to drive and he had to suffer a lot. Yet, he managed to gain lots of data and make it to the end. We’ve made lots of changes on the axles and the chassis, so if everything goes as usual, I think we can realistically aim for the TOP 10,” revealed David.

“In January, the Can-Am took almost more time to service than the truck. Now, we’ve figured things out in a way, that it’s going to take only minutes instead of hours.“ 

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