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Buggyra Brings Home Twelve Cups from Spain

Buggyra Brings Home Twelve Cups from Spain

The premiere of Buggyra pilots at the Spanish circuit in Valencia has been successful. Adam Lacko has achieved one second and two third ranks and David Vršecký has received the bronze medal in the last race. Both of them together lead the Constructors´ Cup ranking. And Lacko in addition defeated his rival Albacete by beating him in the concurrent Spanish Cup 3:1.

On Sunday too both Buggyra pilots assured advance to the super pole without problems. In the super pole Adam Lacko already ranked after the leading Hungarian Kiss after the first lap, but later his lap time was cancelled for apparent breaking of the roles. “I was told to have his a skittle, which I do not think I did, but I rank second anyway and am looking forward to the start from the first line,” was Adam´s comment after he made up for the mistake. David Vršecký paid this time for the Spaniard driving in front of him: “I was slowed down a little by Albacete, who in addition cooled his brakes a lot, and so I sometimes thought I was driving after a sprinkler truck. But in the end I obtained the second line like yesterday.” Thus Adam will start the first afternoon cup race from the second starting position, with his back shielded by David from the fourth starting position.

Both Adam Lacko and David Vršecký paid for the start from the ”dirty track”, being overtaken in the very first curve by Hahn, and Reinert, respectively. While Adam attacked Hahn, David pressed Reinert. Vršecký was more successful in the duel, overcoming Reinert already in the fourth lap. Adam hunted his German rival down a lap later. Unfortunately further advance of the Czech pair failed, also because of the yellow flags put up after Anthony Janiec´s hitting the tyre barrier, and the Czech pilots passed the finish line ranking second and fourth, respectively. “Start from the outer side is very inconvenient here and I had to work hard to fight my rank back again. The second final rank is my best ranking this weekend and so I am satisfied,” commented Adam on the progress and result of the race. David complained of the yellow flags: “The yellow flags made me angry. They always deprived me of a chance to attack Hahn and I had to slow down because of them. If it were not for them it might have been a podium rank right after Adam.“ 

The starting field was a little nervous before the start of the handicap race for the first line of the starting grid was occupied by Ellen Lohr and Erwin Kleinnagelvoort, or two pilots who had never reached that high before. But no drama took place and all trucks successfully squeezed to the first curve. David Vršecký started excellently and managed to get to the second rank after Albacete. Although he did not want to cope with the second rank and attacked the lead, he was not successful and unfortunately the German pilot Hahn got in front of him in addition successfully holding the rank until the end. “A good race. I managed the start well but then the road began to be a little slippery under my wheels and Jochen made use of one of these little mistakes to get in front of me. But I am still satisfied, a podium rank for me at last. And the audience must have enjoyed the view of four world champions driving one after another in a row,“ he said. Adam Lacko was much more busy after start than David, having to fight off above all the sturdy Ellen Lohr: “It is a pity that the start was what it was. There was a fuss in front of me and there was nowhere to move. If it were not for the delay by Ellen, I could have got the Hungarian,“ he commented on his several attacks on the fourth ranking Kiss. Adam´ s final rank was fifth in the end.

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