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Buggyra Celebrates 50 Years of Brand in Grandiose Style!

Buggyra Celebrates 50 Years of Brand in Grandiose Style!

On the first November Sunday the gates of the Most Circuit opened for the fans of Buggyra Racing to house an untraditional but still grandiose celebration called “The Most Buggyra Speed Festival”. And there was a big reason to celebrate for in the course of the past five decades Buggyra became one of the TOP brands. The unquestionable proof was the attendance of nearly two and a half thousand visitors to the show, despite the changeable weather.


In total eight individual European champion titles in truck racing. And on top of that there are the four world speed records and the same number of victories in the Chinese Truck Festival. The list of successes should not forget to mention the Indian champion title and stage victories in the Dakar Rally and the Silk Way Rally. “When many years ago we negotiated the brand takeover with Václav Král, we agreed to put all we can in it and never hold back. Although this sounds like a cliché I am sure Vašek would be pleased today to see how we have achieved it,“ said the team owner and mentor Martin Koloc.


The Best of Buggyra

For the very first time in the team history all racing specials in which the Buggyra pilots attacked and conquered the Old Continent, and the world through the speed records, were collected in one place. “Which of them was our best truck? It is hard to say. As for the racing results, then it was surely the truck of 2007-2009, in which Markus Bösiger and I were reigning in Europe for three years. On the other hand, the racing special piloted by Gerd in 2001, despite the highest percentage of unfinished races, created a platform for the vehicle with which we were winning in the following three years,“ stated the present chief constructor of Buggyra David Vršecký. “A very good achievement was also represented by Adam´s special, with which he became European champion in 2017, and big hopes are put in this year´s VK 50. We are not afraid of our circuit future.“


The show also included the super truck in which David Vršecký was overcoming the world speed records in the years 2004-2010 one by one. “We have collected a real wealth of attractions indeed. In addition to our 20 racing specials we have also introduced over 20 different accompanying vehicles, including two very interesting exhibits, the Tatra Around the World 2 and the armoured vehicle Patriot II by our partner Excalibur Army,“ was the festival evaluation by the team manager Jan Kalivoda. “And there was also the racing simulator by the boys of 301. And a real treat for our hard-core fans was a gallery showing the brand history from its foundation to the present. Positive responses and satisfied looks of the visitors were our sweet reward. We would also like to express our warm thanks to all members of the Most Circuit who helped us with the event organisation.“


Dakar Challenge

The Most Buggyra Speed Festival certainly could not avoid exhibiting the Tatra truck. Unlike the previous seasons, after termination of cooperation with Martin Kolomý, Buggyra will send to Dakar 2020 the crew of Martin Šoltys. “Although we do not speak about the Bedouin this year, we do not aim at mere participation at all. Only three stages before the finish last year Martin held the Top Ten. We have prepared the truck with the same care and effort like in the past years,“ confirmed the team mentor Martin Koloc. This said he did not deny the main task for Martin Šoltys in the coming edition: To finish the race. “The two-week rally, in addition in a completely unknown environment, represents a big challenge. As Saudi Arabia will host at least five consecutive editions from now on, quite logically, if we want to build a truck with the winning perspective, we need data from more than three stages.“


Special without Compromise

The greatest curiosity was obviously and quite understandably connected with the new development of Buggyra, the Can – Am Buggyra MK50 XRS. That is the buggy in which the January Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia will welcome the new acquisition of the Buggyra team, the five-fold winner of the four-wheeler category, Josef Macháček. The chief constructor has built the premiere racing special on the basis of his own experience that has taught him that there is no bigger error in a new vehicle development than haste. “I knew I was building a buggy for an excellent pilot who mastered the four-wheeler category and therefore found no terrain a problem. In the case of the car structure I was not bound with any restrictions, reconstructing a racing special for the needs of a dessert to provide Pepa with untested and yet top-standard technology. The biggest problems were connected with the turbo restrictor that would reduce the original performance by some twenty horsepower. For several days we had the engine on breaks and resolved tuning of the performance curve for minimisation of the performance loss after the restrictor installation,“ revealed the double European Race Truck Champion.

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