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Luboš Veselý - 08.10.2017

Buggyra Celebrates Champion Double!

Buggyra Celebrates Champion Double!

The new European champion Adam Lacko, together with David Vršecký, win the Constructors´ Cup after one-year pause, adding the eleventh champion title to the collection of the BUGGYRA team! Adam Lacko, waiting for his first truck racing champion title for the long 14 years, finally succeeds in the BUGGYRA cab. This is a sovereign triumph, crowning nineteen podium ranks in the course of the season, and ranging Adam Lacko side by side with Gerd Körber, Markus Bösiger and David Vršecký, driving their BUGGYRA trucks to the highest European peak.



Super Pole

Adam Lacko, the interim leader of the championship, started for the Super Pole with a slight delay. The reason was engine overheating. Even so he only needed a single lap to achieve the second quickest lap time in the time practice. “I do not know what happened but we will have to change the engine as prevention. The temperatures were too high. A little of a drama but I am glad for the first starting row,“ commented the slightly nervous Lacko on the time practice.


David Vršecký achieved his best time practice result of the season and will start the firth race of the weekend from the second row. “I am overenthusiastic. In the first lap I made a little mistake but the rest was without problem. A fantastic start of the race,” the double European and Chinese champion, in spring winning the Indian champion title at the same time, could not hide his joy.


Still before the start of the first race Buggyra had to cope with a dramatic plot. The team had one single hour to change the engine and performed at the brink of the impossible. “I must bow to the boys, for engine change in a single hour is one of the impossible achievements,” the team manager Jan Kalivoda commented on the situation.


Race 1

Adam Lacko thus could start the race from the first row. After start he settled in the second rank behind the domestic pilot Albacete, but as a consequence of an accident of Rodrigues the race was interrupted and restarted in a couple of minutes. Even after the second start Adam managed to hold the second rank and thus finished the race in a way finally securing his first champion title, leaving his greatest chaser Hahn behind him. “I do not know what to say. I am so happy. The steering was a little tough at the end of the race but luckily nothing serious happened. Now I am looking forward to racing in absolute calmness, and just enjoying the atmosphere,” was Adam Lacko´s comment on his winning his first champion title.


David Vršecký succeeded in holding the third rank after start, in front of Hahn. However, he had to let him in front for reasons hard to understand, when the track commissioners waved the blue flag to him. “So distasteful of them: I am a little upset of this at the end of the season, but the more pleased I am for Adam. My big congratulation,” said Vršecký after the first race of the day.


Race 2

Adam Lacko started the second race as the new European champion and thus could enjoy the race. He finally ranked sixth. “I was not as lucky as David at the start and got stuck a little. Then I only wanted to overtake Halm and Lenz, because of the team championship, and I managed, much to my satisfaction,“ was Lacko´s comment on the second race as the new European champion, which title, so much longed for, he only won as member of the Buggyra team.


David Vršecký improved his appetite in the final Saturday race where he achieved his first victory in the season. “I am extremely happy. I managed to avoid a collision at the start and then I watched my rank. I do enjoy ending the season like this,“ rejoiced Vršecký.


In the team competition Lacko and Vršecký increased their advantage over the second-ranking Iveco to 52 points, with the necessity to only score two more points on Sunday to win the Constructors´ Cup!



Super Pole

The new European champion Adam Lacko achieved the second best lap time in the Sunday time practice, with the right to start the following race from the first row. “I enjoy racing with peace of mind. Five hundredths of a second from the pole position is something to regret but the first row is fine anyway,“ said Lacko.


David Vršecký held the third best lap time after the first lap of the super pole and finally assured start from the third row for himself with the fifth quickest lap time. “In the second lap I tried to take a little risk but I failed. Never mind, I am looking forward to the race,“ was Vršecký´s comment on the time practice.


Race 3

Adam Lacko started the third race of the weekend from the first row, only beaten by Kiss and Hahn, which resulted in the nineteenth podium rank for him in this season. “I tried to get in front of Kiss after start but I failed. Then I did not take any risk, keeping to the strategy: the main thing is to finish safely,“ said Lacko on the last but one race of the season.


David Vršecký ranked fifth in the third race of the weekend. “Soon after start I entered a duel for the fifth rank with Steffi, but then I thought there was no point in taking the risk and so I let her go. Our mission is accomplished, the European champion title for teams is ours,” said Vršecký after the race, and after significantly contributing to the team champion title in the Constructors´ Cup with his 150 score points.


Race 4

The final race of the season was finished by the new European champion Lacko ranking seventh, when his main task was to safely reach the finish. “In the middle of the race my engine began to boil and I could not see why I should torment it. Our tasks have already been accomplished,” said Lacko, who scored twelve victories this season!


The eighth man of the overall ranking had to give up the last race non-voluntarily when after contact with the German female pilot Halm his front tyre broke. “I understand it is the end of the season and some still fight for their final ranks but to shoot me off like this appears useless to me,” said



The overall victory in the team competition adds the eleventh champion title to the collection of the Buggyra Racing team. “At the beginning of the season our top priority was Adam´s champion title, which was already achieved on Saturday. But when in the course of the season we became more and more successful as a team, we said to ourselves, who not to give it a try? We have succeeded and I am very happy about that,“ was an evaluation of the successful season expressed by the team manager Jan Kalivoda. “There were two decisive factors: Adam´s excellent results and the huge contribution from David. Although this was not the original plan, in the rest of the season he was 100% engaged and also thanks to him we now celebrate the champion double,“ he added happily.


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