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Buggyra Celebrates First Double!

Buggyra Celebrates First Double!

The Buggyra drivers celebrated this year ´s first double in the opening cup race in Misano. Markus Bösiger won the race and David Vršecký was second!

Both truckers of the Buggyra International Racing System team laid the foundation for the double triumph in the time practice at noon, won by David over Markus. Immediately after the finish, however, the Swiss European Champion of 2007 said that regarding the opening “S"-shaped curve he did not consider the first starting position as ideal as on the other tracks. His prediction eventually showed to be very correct. Immediately after start Markus attacked the leading David, took the lead and defended it till the end of the race. "My feelings related to the start are a little ambiguous. I would expect less force of penetration from my colleague from the same team," said David after the race, in which Markus had to fight for every centimetre of the lead, so to say. “On the other hand I am glad that we have mutually clarified our positions and that now we both know that neither of us will give anything to the other for free. I enjoyed the race very much”. Markus Bösiger added to his account his first victory this year. His comment was very laconic, as usual. "I do not thing that I and David would have ever given anything to each other for free. I prepared for the first two Misano curves for the whole week. I am glad my efforts were not in vain". The race was very dramatic for Antonio Albacete. After the start he clashed with Hahn and dropped to the sixth ranking. While the German driver gave up in the second round, Antonio eventually won the third ranking.

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