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Buggyra Celebrating Double!

Buggyra Celebrating Double!

The dominance of the Buggyras on the legendary track continues. Following the double in the time practice the same trick was successfully accomplished by the Vršecký – Bösiger pair in the opening cup race too!

Immediately after start of the cup race Vršecký turned his advantage of the pole position into the lead in the race which he maintained throughout the race, thus achieving his fifth triumph in the history of his Nürburgring career. As he confessed after the race, more than his own performance he was concentrated on what was happening behind him. "It was clear that Markus would do his best to beat Antonio with all legal means available to him to help me reduce his advantage. In addition we believed that Jochen would not be happy with the fourth ranking." In this case our expectations were 100% fulfilled. While David rushed towards the victory with his excellently prepared machine, Antonio was first unsuccessful with Bösiger, and eventually did not even resist Hahn ´s attack, finally unsuccessfully tried against Bösiger by the same. The result of the cup race means in practice that in the course of less than 30 minutes David reduced the advantage of the leader of the championship by the whole 10 score points. "This is what I secretly hoped for. I am certainly not euphoric, but I currently lose thirteen points behind Antonio. It is the least since the beginning of the championship. Now the second cup race must be managed as successfully as possible. We are up to a good result," estimated the European Champion before the final ceremony.

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