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Petr Bošnakov - 16.04.2020

Buggyra does not give up on testing

Buggyra Racing team was supposed to be testing at Autodrom Most this weekend, but the current situation meant the event was cancelled. However, the team does not want to give up and the testing could happen as early as next week.


Buggyra does not give up on testing

“At the moment, I don’t know much. But we have a Mercedes GT ready for David and Tomáš. We have also a Renault Clio and a truck for Aliyyah. Fingers crossed,” said chief race engineer Robin Dolejš, who is very optimistic about the situation and is talking with Adam Lacko. The 2017 European Champion has just returned from Spain and currently remains in quarantine. “The latest rumours are that the season should begin at the beginning of June at Slovakiaring, so we would not have to test new cars. That means, Adam would be ready by the end of April, and we’ll see about Téo. Anyway, we still have David available,” added Dolejš.


But the testing would be very intensive for Aliyyah Koloc, who had her debut at Most last July. “It was quite dramatic. I lost a servo pump and I couldn’t steer. Luckily, I ended up in the gravel,” said the 15-year-old who plans on debuting in the European Championship in mid-July at Nürburgring.


Many people, including Robin Dolejš, then hope that even Martin Koloc could participate in testing. “Father and daughter, in one truck, at one circuit. I’m not a historian of truck racing, but that would probably happen for the first time ever. On the other hand, Aliyyah drives very fast and the question is if her father would be risking losing his authority,” said Dolejš while laughing.

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