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Petr Bošnakov - 23.06.2020

Buggyra does not rule out fight for the Constructors’ Championship

Last weekend was full of testing for Buggyra Racing. The Czech team visited a Most circuit and for the first time brought its complete line-up together with Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc.


Buggyra does not rule out fight for the Constructors’ Championship

For the young French, it was a debut behind the wheel of Buggyra. “While the virtual racing is fun, especially when you finish on the podium, but the real circuit is a real circuit,” said Calvet, who is continuing his family legacy in truck racing. “Despite the fact I’ll be running a much-improved version of VK50, I immediately knew everything I needed about the vehicle. Right after the first lap, I knew that we’ll understand each other. We went through some data already at the garage, but the in-depth analysis is still ahead of us. Anyway, there’s still some work to do. There is always a possibility to improve.”


“Téo is like his father. We knew that it’s going to be good, but even our optimistic expectations have been exceeded! While I’m not a fan of big statements, considering what we’ve seen from Téo on his first day, we’re capable of fighting for the Constructors’ Championship,” said the team boss Martin Koloc.



“Téo is a smart and capable guy, who had no issues switching from a flat MAN to Buggyra with a nose. Even despite his age, he’s a professional who knows what to do and in what order. Everything, that we’ve agreed on, based on the data, he immediately carried over to the track. And what’s the most important part – he is consistent with his lap times, it’s not about a one-lap coincidence,” agreed David Vršecký with his boss.


“We’ve known each other from phone calls. He’s from a motorsport family, so I knew that he is in his right mind. He feels respect towards the car, and he is humble. He started slowly and kept improving until he put together some excellent lap times. He was excited to learn from the telemetry and after understanding some things, he knows what to ask,” said Adam Lacko. That makes the 2017 European champion to think that Koloc’s vision is not far off and the team can fight for the Constructors’ Championship. “Téo definitely can be in the TOP 8 and gain lots of points. Especially in races with a handicap. We can afford to be carefully optimistic.”

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