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Petr Bosnakov - 09.09.2021

Buggyra doesn't shy away from Zolder's ambitions

The dice have been rolled in Most, and the race at the Belgian circuit, where Buggyra scored its first ever victory in 2002 thanks to Gerd Körber, will most likely give a clue as to the future direction of the championship.


Buggyra doesn't shy away from Zolder's ambitions

The races at the Hungaroring and Most suggested that the title fight will most likely be a trio affair between Kiss, Lenz and Lacko, while the top two drivers in the last championship, Hahn and Albacete, will have to accept unusual positions, especially in Hahn's case. "I wouldn't see it that clearly," counters Buggyra principal Martin Koloc. "On paper it looks clear, but all it takes is one collision on Saturday and everything could be completely different."  The challenges for the team, however, remain the same as before Most. "We were just saying to Fabien Calvet that there is nothing worse than a happy driver. Twenty-five points from Most is a great result for a rookie, but at the same time not insurmountable." 

Brakes versus acceleration
Adam Lacko is third after Most, his gap to the Kiss - Lenz pairing is fifteen and eleven points respectively. "Of course, I would have preferred to lead by a big margin, but that's what racing is all about. We are all in a very unusual situation. After Zolder, there is Le Mans, Jarama and Misano to race, so there is still relatively enough time, but we are living in a time when we don't know what will happen in ten hours," says Adam, who has no intention of breaking anything over his knee in Belgium. "I've been racing long enough to know that there's no point in hitting things by force. Zolder is fast, technical, dangerous, that's why I like the circuit. It's going to be a lot about braking and acceleration, both of which are my favourite disciplines. Since I started racing in 2003, I've been trying to do my best and get as many points as possible."

Téo Calvet arrived in Belgium in good spirits, having consolidated his lead in the French championship after an excellent performance in Most a week ago at the Albi circuit. "David Vršecký is right that consistency of performance is important. I want to show in Zolder that it was no fluke in Most," said the Goodyear Cup interim leader, who is just three points behind fifth-placed Hahn from seventh in the overall standings. "It's definitely good, but racing is about humility and respect for the drivers who have achieved something. That doesn't mean I don't want to beat Jochen and Steffi, who is one point ahead of me."

David Vršecký was involved in the preparation of Aliyyah Koloc from his position as a circuit expert. "We still have to sit down with Martin Koloc about starting handicap races. It is possible that Aliyyah will be in front, with the predators behind her and the circuit is very narrow. A few years ago a young Major from Hungary ended up on the wall and finished in the pullers." The protagonist remains traditionally calm. "After we got back from France we caught the simulator, we have a detailed tour of the circuit planned. I'm sure it will be fine," she says.

Why not win...
The race in Most dramatised the battle for the Constructors' Cup as Adam Lacko and Téo Calvet moved into second place with a narrow loss to the favourites Kiss and Albacete. Given the number of points to be distributed, the battle for victory is therefore open. "I repeat it every year that, given the deployment of Buggyra Academy drivers, we do not have the highest ambitions in the team competition, but on the other hand, there is not the slightest reason not to win," Buggyra's Head of Communications Jan Kalivoda asks the rhetorical question with a laugh.   

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