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Milan Bydzovsky - 11.01.2021

Buggyra drivers have finished the two-day marathon as Macháček keeps improving

Josef Macháček handled the 2nd half of the marathon stage perfectly. The Dakar legend finished in 2nd place in the Lightweight Prototypes category, and he holds the 2nd position in the overall standings as well. Ignacio Casale set his personal best in the Truck category with 5th place.


Buggyra drivers have finished the two-day marathon as Macháček keeps improving

Josef Macháček and Pavel Vyoral put on an incredible performance. “We didn’t want to get a puncture or get lost. Big kudos to Pavel, who did a great job. There were so many others who got lost and went in the wrong way. It was difficult again, but I’m glad to successfully finish it today,” said relieved Josef Macháček, while his teammate Tomáš Enge faced more technical issues and he finished the stage with 2 hours loss.



Ignacio Casale, the new Chilean driver of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team, did well in the Trucks category. He finished in 5th place, achieving his personal best result so far. “I’m really happy. The navigation was challenging today, and I have to thank my navigator Alvaro. We didn’t have a single problem, we didn’t need to get out of the truck, and that made a difference. The 5th place is great and tomorrow, we’ll continue,” said Ignacio who currently holds 9th place in the overall standings.


Martin Šoltys lost 3 and half minutes on the 375-kilometre-long stage, finishing in 9th place. But he lost only 12 minutes to the winner Shibalov with Kamaz. That just shows how tight it is in the Trucks category.


The 9th stage should not be easy at all. It will lead on the shore of the Red Sea and the crews can expect a fast route, but with light sand. The organisers expect it to be the most challenging stage of the Dakar Rally 2021.

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