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Buggyra Ends Season with Double! Adam First, David Second

Buggyra Ends Season with Double! Adam First, David Second

Like the Czech team started the season in Misano five months ago so they closed the season now in Le Mans. Adam Lacko finally caused the Czech national anthem to be played after the last race of the season and his excellent result was underlined by the second rank of David Vršecký.

The reversed order of pilots at the start promised a final drama to be performed for the nearly sixty thousand spectators. Adam Lacko started best from the second row and took the lead after the first curves. Vršecký was also successful, fighting for the third rank immediately after start form the third row. But David ´s appetite was bigger and thus a lap later he overtook Reinert and took the second rank after his team mate.

While Adam controlled the lead without problems, David had to defend his rank against the attacking Hahn. "This was a play on the nerves indeed. There is nothing better but to end the season with a double after all that trouble,“ said Vršecký in the finish, climbing the podium again after the previous occasion in Most.

But this was Lacko ´s day, though, as he, on the wet track, reached for his eighth victory of the season. "The road was horribly slippery. Different in every lap. But I am so happy. What else could one wish for the end of the season!“ rejoiced Lacko before climbing the podium.

The Buggyra team of course won the first rank for the team in the constructors´ cup on Sunday. Thus they underlined the overall silver rank in the season 2014. Adam ranked fourth among individuals, while David ranked fifth for the fifth time in a row.

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