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Buggyra Has First Victorious Double!

Buggyra Has First Victorious Double!

The last cup race of the weekend brought a harvest of score points for the Czech Buggyra team. David Vršecký ranked first and Adam Lacko ended the day with the second rank after a dramatic race.

The first eight pilots started for the fourth handicap race in the opposite order of their respective previous cup race ranks. Hence David Vršecký started from the second row and Adam Lacko from the third. The start was more successful for Vršecký, who got to the third rank in front of Albacete after a couple of curves. In the fourth lap the Czech pilot made use of a duel between Reinert and Bösiger and advanced to the second rank.

A big drama also took place behind this triad of leading trucks. In the effort to advance forward Kiss made a mistake, which was utilized by the second Buggyra pilot, who moved to the fourth rank. In the following laps Adam Lacko advanced as far as behind Bösiger´s back. In the ninth lap Vršecký tried an attack against Reinert and took he lead, which he did not let anybody to take away from him any more. The struggle for the second rank culminated too. At the beginning of the last lap Bösiger clashed with Reinert, which took some time to both of them to mend and Lacko made use of that to overtake them both.

David Vršecký finally ranked first and at the same time managed the best race time. Thanks to the second rank of Adam Lacko the manager of the Buggyra team Jan Kalivoda took over the third constructors´ cup this weekend.

"This was an absolutely excellent race. At the beginning of the weekend our condition was not ideal but this result is good enough to be fully satisfied with. We could not get more out of the last race,“ was the assessment of the past racing weekend by David Vršecký.

"This was one of the hardest races. Probably nobody expected our victory after yesterday. For us this is a great motivation for the coming races. I would like to tank to the whole team for their excellent work,“ said the happy Adam Lacko after the race.

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