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Petr Bosnakov - 19.08.2021

Buggyra has returned to Slovakiaring circuit

Buggyra has already presented itself at the Slovakiaring in May as part of the second ESET Cup event. The prestigious series is returning to Slovakia again after the races in Poznan and Grobnik.


Buggyra has returned to Slovakiaring circuit

Aliyyah Koloc, whose tyre exploded in a 240 km/h race, will not forget her first appearance at Slovakiaring. "Everyone, including my dad, was a bit pale at the time, but it didn't seem that dramatic to me. Suddenly I realised that the car wasn't going the way I wanted it to, so I started to brake," Aliyyah recalls in hindsight. "At the time I was racing a Mercedes AMG - GT3 special, now I'm racing a GT4. I'm really looking forward to it. It's very nice here, the sun is just right, the asphalt is holding up..."

The team arrived at the venue of the next ESET Cup round on Tuesday evening, while Wednesday and Thursday were marked by unofficial practice sessions.  Although Yasmeen Koloc will be racing a Renalto Clio, she also enjoyed the Mercedes AMG GT- 4 to no small extent. I have to commend her, she is driving very well for someone with almost no experience with the car," says David Vršecký, who, like Aliyyah, will be competing in one sprint and a joint endurance race this weekend. "Unlike the Clio, the Mercedes has a number of assists, Yasmeen doesn't have to worry about stalling, he is accelerating systematically. There's something about the lady." 

In addition, according to David, Slovakiaring offers the opportunity for driver growth. "Turn two is a lot about adrenaline, but otherwise it is a god circuit, the driver changes rhythm, in the next corners he brakes only around the corner. I'm enjoying it a lot. The most important thing is that the girls enjoy the race weekend, because every kilometre counts."


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