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Petr Bosnakov - 17.06.2021

Buggyra is heading back to desert

After some time on racing circuits, Buggyra Racing is now going back to the desert. The team is sending a testing team to Dubai that is going to mix experience and youth.


Buggyra is heading back to desert

While Josef Macháček, David Vršecký, Tomáš Enge and Ignacio Casale are representing experience, the Buggyra Academy youth team will consist of Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc. And they will be driving not just Can Am DV21, but Tatra Phoenix as well. “Apart from Adam Lacko and Téo, who do not really feel like doing Dakar, we’ve got the best drivers here. We’ve been working on our testing plans for a long time to make sure, that everybody gets a chance to drive. Luckily, we’re going to spend several weeks in Dubai,” explains Martin Koloc.“That’s true especially for Can Am DV21 – while Josef, Tomáš and David will focus on specific parts, the girls are going to do the mileage in overall. But Aliyyah will have to return to Europe, as in the first week in July, she has the first race of the French championship in Nogaro.”


Ignacio Casale is playing an important team role as well. Last time, the 3-time Dakar winner in quad bikes made his debut behind the wheel of the Tatra Phoenix, and he was the only truck driver from the TOP 10 with a manual gearbox, and he finished in 9th place. “That’s a total professional. He has sand and dunes pretty much behind his living room, so to speak, yet, despite all the complications with travelling, he’s flown to Dubai,” says Martin. “I didn’t see a reason why not to come. The Dakar Rally is mostly about a team, and there will be time to talk about the next one. Also, I’ll get a chance to drive the Tatra with an automatic gearbox,” explains the Chilean legend. 


David Vršecký hopes to get a chance to drive at least sometimes, but he is going to mostly focus on the technical side of things. “With Josef and Tomáš, we know exactly what we want from them in the testing. And we’ll be obviously talking about lots of stuff with the BTC. And Koloc girls must drive and drive. With Ignacio, it’s all about getting used to the new truck, but following his performance in this year’s Dakar, it should be without any problems.”

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