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Marek Bernard - 24.04.2020

Buggyra is not giving up on 2020 after first testing at Most

The unusual silence on Autodrom Most caused by government restrictions came to an end on Tuesday with Buggyra Racing team’s specials.


Buggyra is not giving up on 2020 after first testing at Most

“After a long time, we were finally able to return to the racetrack and start our preparations for the upcoming season again. It’s a great feeling to smell the fuel and tyres again,” said happy Tomáš Enge. “We’re delighted to be able to even test in the current situation. We still believe that most of this year’s planned events are going to happen and we want to attack the front positions,” added David Vršecký. “While the current situation is difficult for all teams, the SuperTrofeo Europe series still hasn’t cancelled any planned events, only postponed them, so we believe that we will be able to do the full season,” shared Jiří Mičánek the optimism.


“We’re lucky to get such an opportunity for testing. We have all our circuit specials here and most of the drivers, so we can get the idea how strong we are now and how can we improve,” said team mentor Martin Koloc. “We have a Clio from Academy, Lamborghini from Mičánek’s team, and of course we have our first test with Mercedes GT3 and also a VK truck, where we made some changes to the engine and we’re curious to see how is that going to do,” said Vršecký, a chief engineer of Buggyra.


While the team has brought all its cars to the track, some drivers were forced to miss out on the testing due to the current situation. “Unfortunately, we don’t have any of our top Truck drivers here. While Adam has already returned from Spain, he is still in a quarantine. Téo, who is from France, cannot even get here. So, I did a few laps, then Tomáš as well, with Aliyyah driving the VK for the rest of the day,” said the two-time European Champion in truck racing.


“Today’s test went very well, as we had our first opportunity to try the GT car on a circuit. We have tried several different setups, we are watching lap times and getting used to the car. David is learning with a car that has such a high downforce but does not weight 5 tonnes. You need quick reactions in there and while it’s going to take David some time, I have no doubts that he’s going to be just as fast as me and the others,” said the only Czech Formula 1 driver Tomáš Enge about his team mate. Clear sky, cold air and first kilometres on an empty track. That was an ideal situation for Vršecký to get used to the new car. “These were my first kilometres in a GT car. I am so excited about it. Everything is different and with every kilometre I learn something new. Tomáš has set a reference lap and I am trying to get near that time. It’s something new for me and I like new things, so it’s been an amazing day, especially with a clear blue sky and driving on a circuit,” said excited David. 

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