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Milan Bydzovsky - 01.01.2021

Buggyra is ready to roll! Dakar can get underway

The Buggyra Racing team has handled all pre-race challenges. All four racing vehicles and crews went successfully through initial testing, followed by technical and administrative scrutineerings. The team members are now eagerly awaiting the beginning of 43rd edition of the Dakar Rally competition.


Buggyra is ready to roll! Dakar can get underway

After spending the New Year’s night preparing the vehicles, following a final test in the morning, the Buggyra Racing team has moved to the King Abdullah Sports City stadium, to the pre-race bivouac for administrative and technical scrutineering. “Dakar is always about surprises; we’re used to that already. So, on the New Year’s Day, we managed to do the scrutineerings not only for Can-Ams but for Tatras as well. That gives our drivers a bit more time to focus on the Prologue,” explained Jan Kalivoda, the head of communication.



But the technical scrutineering has brought one significant change, even though an expected one by the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team. Its vehicles, driven by Josef Macháček and Tomáš Enge, have been moved to the T3 category of lightweight prototypes. “I think that’s a small administrative error by the organisers. We were pointing out to them that both vehicles are made according to the lightweight prototypes, but they wanted to see them personally. And as the scrutineering couldn’t take place in the port as usual, due to the COVID, it had to wait until here and now. And of course, that also means new starting numbers,” explained the chief designer David Vršecký. Tomáš Enge will now start with a number 396, while the five-time Dakar winner has been given a number 399.


The Dakar Rally 2021 starts this afternoon with an 11-kilometre-long Prologue, which already counts towards the overall classification.

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