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Buggyra Lives in the Present!

Buggyra Lives in the Present!

Last afternoon the bottom part of Václavské náměstí square in Prague belonged to Buggyra. The most successful race truck team of the recent years assessed preparation for the coming season four days before its start, baptising both racing specials in the process.

Both Buggyras were sprayed with sect by David Vršecký together with the mayor of the capital city of Prague, MUDr. Pavel Bém. "To be frank, I do not really like being involved in politics. On the other hand the mayor is known to have conquered the highest peaks of all continents, including the very highest one, Mt. Everest, which I deeply admire," said David about his fellow patron. And added that while the mayor of Prague could climb the Buggyra cab any time, he rejected with thanks any potential challenge of Pavel Bém for potential duel in the Himalayas. I like mountains, but I am happy with the domestic ones. I will leave the 8 thousands to the mayor. I have read he would like to conquer the most dangerous peak of the world, the K2. UI already keep my fingers crossed for him." Before the ceremonial baptism a press conference was held in the Buggyra tent. It included a show of the documentary mapping the events connected with overcoming of the three world speed and endurance records. “It is a nice memory but we live in the present," said the team manager Jan Kalivoda, making a statement on the hot theme of the second trucker at the same time. "Buggyra has been a much demanded bride, so if we decide to engage anybody, it must be a trucker with a guarantee of successful results. We have been negotiating with the English European champion Stuart Oliver, but even if he has considerably reduced his original expectations, I can say for sure that the season will be opened by David alone." The double European champion, who will also perform the role of the technical director this year, more or less welcomes this fact. "In the previous years I only raced and consulted technical solutions. This year all the burden will lie on me and Robin Dolejš. I am not afraid of the pressure and the personal responsibility. But at least in the opening stage I would like to make all decisions with assurance that I will pay for all potential mistakes alone."

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