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Petr Bosnakov - 21.12.2021

Buggyra looks back at a great year and believes that it can be even better!

Only the last two weeks are remaining in 2021, which also means just two weeks before the Dakar Rally begins. It is the perfect time to look back at the past year and to announce the TOP 6 most significant personalities of the Buggyra Racing team.


Buggyra looks back at a great year and believes that it can be even better!

1.       Josef Macháček (Czech Republic, 1957)

Without any doubts, the most successful racing driver is a light prototypes category winner at Dakar Rally 2021. The veteran took part in a Paris-Dakar Rally back in 1999 with only one goal – to be the first Czech quad bike rider to finish the race, also became the oldest Dakar winner. Also, Josef Macháček is one of the very few drivers who have managed to triumph in the most famous rally raid competition in the world on three continents and in two different categories – Africa (2000 – 2003, 2007), South America (2009) and Asia (2021). And after a record-breaking amount of testing, Josef is fully prepared for the Dakar 2022. 


2.       Aliyyah Koloc (UAE, 2004)

She came, she saw, and she conquered! That is definitely one way to describe how the fastest woman truck racing driver on the planet (!!!) has introduced herself during the recent Hail International Rally. And the Buggyra Academy star originally just planned to prepare for the Dakar Rally 2023, where she will race together with her sister Yasmeen. Aliyyah was praised also by a highly experienced navigator Xavier Panseri and a two-time Dakar winner in the Cars category Nasser Al Attiyah. Apart from the desert, Aliyyah focused on circuit racing in her truck racing adventures, when she had a good run in the European Championship and a French national championship.


3.       Adam Lacko (Czech Republic, 1984)

After this year’s European Truck Racing Championship, where he finished in 3rd place, Adam remains the only European driver to finish in the TOP 3 regularly since 2015. The 2017 European Champion still believes that his first title will not be his last, even despite a difficult competition from factory teams.


4.       Téo Calvet (France, 2001)

Another clear sign that the Buggyra Academy is working well. The French youngster dominated the very competitive national championship, and despite some calendar clashes, he finished in 8th place in the European Championship and helped the team to achieve 3rd place in the Constructors standings. Following successful testing in the desert, he showed that he is ready for the Hail International Rally. He then took a victory in the opening stage and his 3rd place overall has given him a green pass for the Dakar Rally 2022.


5.       Ignacio Casale (Chile, 1987)

In January, the three-time quad bike Dakar champion had debuted behind the wheel of a Tatra truck. Ignacio did immediately well, and he left Saudi Arabia with a TOP 10 finish, despite being at a disadvantage with a manual gearbox. Just before the Dakar Rally 2022, he is one of the dark horses who can aim very high.


6.       David Vršecký (Czech Republic, 1975)

While David had retired a long time ago, he still belongs among the biggest Buggyra stars of 2021. In January, he achieved the title of the first constructor in Motorsport history to win the European Truck Racing Championship and the Dakar Rally as well. 

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