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Buggyra Needs to Take the Last Lap to the Champion Title, Lacko Jostles with Hahn for Silver

Buggyra Needs to Take the Last Lap to the Champion Title, Lacko Jostles with Hahn for Silver

In the time practice Adam and David raked for the second and third starting row in the first race. “The truck worked much better on the wet road than on dry one and so I must pull from the second row!“ commented Adam his ride. This circuit is technically very demanding and so the brakes are much stressed. That was the reason why David´s struggle for the Super Pole was not easy. The start was fantastic, the lap times were second and third quickest but, unfortunately, the brakes had to work hard and so the final rank was sixth. “The lap beginning was excellent but as the end approached I measured too high temperatures of the brakes and so the finish could not be improved much,” Was David´s comment on the Super Pole.

Dramatic start of the first race was enacted by the Hungarian pilot Norbert Kiss and the German Jochen Hahn, who cut the track in the third curve and were penalised. Their pass through the pits mixed the ranks and so the first rank was easily seized by Antonio Albacete followed by Adam Lacko, who fought with all his strength to overtake him. “The race was nothing special, things did not work as I would have wished to but the result is the silver rank and six points´ advantage over Hahn,“ said Adam in the finish with a smile. David squeezed between them to the fourth rank after Kiss´s and Hahn´s penalisation. Hahn tried to attack for the rest of the race but David did not let him a millimetre of space for overtaking. “An interesting race, a very successful start, excellent duels with Hahn – what a pity just the potato medal again,“ said David after return to the pits and joined the mechanics to think with them about a better setting for the second race.

The second race of Saturday afternoon was surprisingly conducted by the baton of the German pilot Rene Reinert, who brilliantly fought back all attacks of the close running compatriot Hahn and the Hungarian Kiss. David tried hard for eleven laps to get in front of the German female pilot Stephanie Halm, but she fought back all his attacks. After one of them David made a small piloting mistake and changed ranks with his team mate. “The start was successful again but the I fought with Stephi with all my strength but did not want to risk valuable points for the team,“ said David immediately after getting out of his cab after the race. The race was not easy for Adam Lacko either, as after a contact with a domestic pilot his cooling system was damaged. “After one of the contacts with Janiec I lost water in the very first lap and drove for nearly the whole race without cooling, with a negative impact on the brakes,“ said Adam.

Tomorrow the championship will culminate with the last two races and this truck racing season will be closed.

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