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Buggyra Officially Off for Dakar

Buggyra Officially Off for Dakar

The Dakar Rally has been officially started. The most famous long-distance race of the world is really grandiose this year and the numbers speak for themselves. The Tatra Buggyra Racing team is one of the 431 race crews determined to achieve an excellent result.

The numbers are really breathtaking - 431 crews, of which 70 trucks, 40 four-wheelers, 147 cars and 174 motorcycles. The truck pilots have to cover 9188 kilometres in less than two weeks, of which 5212 km are measured. This year ´s race will be broadcast by more than 70 TV channels of 190 countries of five continents. No wonder then that everybody wants to excel. South America is under microscope now. At the Friday evening party "Argentine Night to Launch The Dakar 2014" the Argentine Minister of Tourism Enrique Meyer together with the manager of the Dakar Rally Etienne Lavigne invited to attend this year ´s race. The ceremonies, culminating with the Saturday prologue taking several hours, where each of the crews was individually introduced, taking place in the city of Rosario with a million population, were apparently attended by around 3 million viewers. "Dakar Rally is indeed an integral part of local life. The event itself is accompanied with many associated events and concerts. However, not all is a rose garden, there are protests, too. We witnessed one of them, when some fops burned tyres in a roadside bivouac," described the atmosphere in the city the pilot of Tatra 815 Buggyra truck Martin Kolomý. 


It is clear then that extensive safety measures are a necessity. The organizers are ready not to underestimate anything, including an uncompromising approach to potential transgressions of the racers themselves. "Crew members will undergo random alcohol tests. Every participant committing any offence against safety will be heavily penalised or directly expelled from the competition. I am certainly not against this approach, which only rises the standards of the competition," said Martin Kolomý. 


All crews riding trucks propelled by the Gyrtech race engine made by Buggyra are also ready for the start. "All engines have been checked and fine tuned to be hundred percent ready. The beginning is always very hectic here, and although ASO approaches the organisation in a very professional manner, there is incredible chaos everywhere here, and so no wonder everybody are looking forward to the moment when everything will have been started,“ described readiness of the crews of the Bonver Dakar project and KM Racing team the technical director of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team engineer Robin Dolejš. 


The programme of the first racing day will start for the Tatra driven by Martin Kolomý ten minutes before nine o´ clock of local time (4 hours before the actual start of the race), when the trucks will leave the parc ferme for the subsequent four-hundred-kilometre-long transfer. Then the first 180 km long measured section will start, followed with another, this time two-hundred-kilometre-long transfer to San Luis. The truck crews should reach this first destination according to the race schedule between 6:25 and 8:45 pm of local time, i.e. around midnight CET. "I believe that our real chances will begin to appear after the first three to four stages of the race," suggested Martin Kolomý.


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