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Buggyra on Discovery Channel!

Buggyra on Discovery Channel!

For the whole next week Buggyra will be a focus of interest of the TV staff of the Discovery Channel. The popular TV station offers to its viewers across the world, among other tings, the series called Mega World, focused on most up-to-date technologies of individual countries.

In the Czech Republic the six most progressive companies also include Buggyra. "We are obviously very pleased with such an award and are ready to provide maximum assistance to the TV staff," said the sport director of the team Jan Kalivoda. As he informed, this will be the very first introduction of truck racing technologies in a programme of a TV channel with global coverage. “As I was told, the decisive role in the selection of Buggyra was performed by our ability to “step beyond" ordinary racing and our courage to launch costly and risky projects such as the world speed records breaks."

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