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Petr Bosnakov - 19.04.2021

Buggyra plundered Hungaroring

Just like the title suggests, the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team had a very successful start of the season, with its ESET Cup drivers taking three victories.


Buggyra plundered Hungaroring

The first victory of the season achieved Téo Calvet on Friday, in the 2.0 Clio Cup category. On the next day, he celebrated another win, this time together with Yasmeen Koloc in the Endurance Race.  “Somebody has to finish first, and I’m happy to do it,” laughed the French truck racing driver, who managed to beat a big competition of several dozens of cars. “It was really good. With Yasmeen, we had to tackle some technical issues, but the history won’t ask about that.”



On Friday, Aliyyah Koloc added another triumph for the team, after she finished 2nd in the GT3 category, becoming the best Junior and Woman on the grid.“It was a bit of a change after driving the Can-Am DV21, but the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is a great car. I’m happy with the race weekend and I don’t mind being so busy with racing. I know that I should be racing in the Chinese GT3 championship as well, I’m really looking forward to that,” added the fastest truck racing driver in history.


While David Vršecký’s role at Hungaroring was mostly as a coach, he also participated and on Saturday he took a victory in the GT3 category. “I’m really happy about it, considering how tough the competition is. I’m getting used to the Mercedes-AMG GT3 more and more and it’s getting better,” confirmed David, who also praised the whole team. “Despite their age, Téo and Aliyyah don’t have to prove anything. Yasmeen is a gem that just needs to be polished, but she has enormous potential.”

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