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Petr Bosnakov - 28.01.2022

Buggyra reached the global audience of 95.3 million people

Those are the words of the Buggyra ZM Racing team principal, who has based it on unquestionable numbers. “You can take any sporting result and explain and defend it in various ways, but you can’t question numbers. This year, our battle with the media went even better than our battle on the track. However, to be a defending champion, that’s a prestigious but challenging role, because you can’t actually do any better than that,” said Martin Koloc.


Buggyra reached the global audience of 95.3 million people

Hopefully, for all competitors, it is delightful that the Dakar Rally has a unique place in the world, as a sports-social phenomenon. According to the organisers A.S.O., the whole event welcomed 600 accredited journalists, representing 190 different media outlets from 34 countries around the world. In total, 70 TV channels broadcasted over 3,000 hours of content to 190 countries. And then it is important to add also 198.9 million views online, with the 2022 Dakar Rally reaching up to 5.6 million users on social media.


The Buggyra ZM Racing with global activities itself, managed to reach up to 95.3 million people across television, print, digital and social media. The biggest reach was in China, followed by Chile, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and France. “It’s interesting and it shows that our worldwide communication strategy is working. We’re pleased about Chile, with Ignacio making his mark in a competition of Lopez Contardo, who is after Josef Macháček a new king of the probably most dynamic and evolving T3 category, that’s going to be our focus in the years ahead,” confirmed Martin Koloc, who was also nicely surprised by media interest from France. “Despite Téo Calvet’s illness and a fact that we had no French representant in our team, we still had an interest that is around 50% of what we had in the Czech Republic.”


And Buggyra ZM Racing also had significant interest from TV companies, with 160 hours of coverage thanks to Czech TV channels like TV Nova and CNN Prima News, but also highly prestigious channels like Eurosport, ESPN, France TV and, as a nice fact, Red Bull TV as well.


During the 2022 Dakar Rally, the social media accounts linked to Buggyra ZM Racing have reached 1 million fans in total, with almost half of that being the official Buggyra accounts, with 484,400 followers. The most followed driver is without doubt Ignacio Casale with 307,000 fans. That is very dominant, but Martin Koloc is not surprised.


“Dakar is about so much more than just results. It’s also about stories, and Ignacio has a strong one. He could have easily continued winning the quad bikes category. Yet, he switched to a category where the best he can do is only 4th place, due to the Kamaz dominance.  And he was able to compete with the best. After technical difficulties, he pushed even more and took 3rd place finish in the final stage.” And a big surprise is also Aliyyah Koloc, who has reached new fans and has almost 190,000 followers. She travelled to the 2022 Dakar Rally just to watch and learn, as she is preparing for her debut next year. And once again, she also has a strong story.

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