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Buggyra Ready for Record!

Buggyra Ready for Record!

At noon tomorrow the Lausitzring race track will see the “live” premiere of the new race truck Buggyra 2010. And weather permitting, the premiere should be very action-packed!

As we have already informed, in addition to introduction of the racing special and testing of its engine David Vršecký will try to break four world speed and endurance records at the same time at the Lausitzring race track: 100 km, 100 miles, an hour and 500 km. The last domestic preparation of the racing special, from the design point of view showing healthy aggressiveness and national colours, took place at the Panenský Týnec airport last Saturday. The preparation also included accelerations at speeds exceeding 220 km/h. "The tactics are clear. I need to pass each round at max. 1:07 min. If I keep the required tempo, then Buggyra will score further world records," said David Vršecký in relation to the tactics for tomorrow. In the course of today and tomorrow morning he and the racing engineers will need to resolve the issue related to the weight of the racing special. "The truck will carry nearly 500 kilos more of diesel and water for brake cooling. I will start the drive with a six-tonne truck whose weight will continually decrease on the way. At the end it will probably be some 600 kg lighter. None of us has any experience with this. But I am sure we will manage somehow."

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