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Buggyra Reigned in Assen!

Buggyra Reigned in Assen!

Like in the previous two years FIA has again decided to announce the Constructors´ Cup. The defenders of the title, the pair Bösiger – Vršecký (Buggyra) confirmed their role of the hot favourite for this year ´s title in Assen!

The closest to the only current holders of the prestigious title after the opening racing weekend are not the favourites driving MAN trucks Jochen Hahn – Balász Szóbi, but the couple Frankie Vojtíšek and Markus Altenstrasser driving the racing specials by Renault. "I am not sure whether I am expected to assess the competitors as a racing driver myself, but this year will be very interesting," confirmed Markus Bösiger, who contributed to the common register with a higher number of score points, mainly due to the technical difficulties of David Vršecký. "Frankie and Markus are very good drivers and if Renault has managed to put together a reliable truck over the winter then they can think very high." Following the statement of the current European champion David Vršecký the duel MAN versus Renault will be decided by the team seconds. "But while in the case of MAN it is clear that this role will be performed by Szóbi, in the case of Renault I am unable to say this for certain. Anyway, the strategy is clear. The better of the Renault pair must get as close as possible to Jochen in terms of score points, while the second trucker of the pair will cope with Szóbi without problem. And that should be enough." David does not think of potential loss of the Constructors´ Cup by Buggyra this season. "I do not think that my tyre will break in every race", he replied laconically.

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