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Buggyra Silvers Season 2014!

Buggyra Silvers Season 2014!

In the third race of the Le Mans weekend Vršecký and Lacko acquired overall second rank in the constructors´ cup for the Buggyra team, both ranking immediately below the podium.

Since early morning the French circuit was washed with heavy rain. In the super pole David Vršecký ranked third, thus increasing his chances for a podium rank in the cup race. Adam Lacko obtained the third row in the starting grid.

The start of the race after the heavy rain was governed by the yellow flags, which meant that the pilots had to line up according to the results of the time practice and the race itself only started under the Dunlop ach where the green flag gave them the go-ahead.

David Vršecký held the third rank but made a mistake on the treacherous track and dropped behind Hahn. Vršecký still remedied the first hesitation, returning to the provisional podium. "For the first time I was still able to correct my mistake, but not for the second time. And again, this shows how I dislike water on the track,“ said the fourth-ranking Vršecký after the race.

Adam Lacko started from the sixth starting position with the domestic pilot Janiec in front of him. Lacko managed to overtake him in the fourth lap, thus advancing to the final fifth rank. "Unfortunately, I hoped for more. My exits from curves were not good and so I could not be better,“ said Adam Lacko after the race.

David and Adam definitely won the second overall rank for their team in the constructors´ cup. After the third cup race of the weekend the team manager Jan Kalivoda climbed the podium to take over the cup for the third rank in the race for his team.

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