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Buggyra sits on European Throne Again, Lacko Vice Champion

Buggyra sits on European Throne Again, Lacko Vice Champion

Following night adjustment of Adam´ s and David´s chassis the changes proved to be for the good and both pilots achieved excellent lap times in the time practice. For the whole Super Pole ride Lacko struggled with Albacete for the second rank but eventually ranked fourth behind his team mate Vršecký. “We tried a new setting and the result was much better. I hoped for the first starting row a little but the second is also fine. The better that Hahn will be starting behind me,“ was Adam Lacko´s description of his duel for the post of European vice-champion. David also praised the changes in his racing special. “Wonderful, I did not expect the third best lap time. The night work seems to pay back. The truck worked excellently.“

The Spaniard Albacete showed the best response to the green lights of the third race of the weekend, taking the lead from the winner of the Super Pole, the Hungarian Kiss. Adam worked his way to the third rank, closely followed by David. The triple European champion, the German Hahn, as if did not hurry anywhere, sticking to his countryman Körber and taking the sixth rank.

The otherwise quite peaceful race was disturbed a little by the very Jochen Hahn, who in the last but one lap suddenly lost about five-second advantage, dropping to the seventh rank. This rank would assure his starting from the first row in the final race, which would make his struggle for the vice-champion title with Adam a lot easier in the last race of the season. But right before the finish Hahn behaved “fairly” and took the sixth rank back. Adam Lacko jumped to the podium together with the winner Albacete and the silver Kiss. “Of course I am pleased with the third rank but I am much more curious about the result of the final race. Otherwise the truck worked much better now, which was also seen from the lap times,“ said Adam right before the prize-giving ceremony. David obtained an excellent score for the fourth rank, which not only contributed to the team competition but also improved his advantage over Albacete. “Fantastic, the team victory is almost certain and my overall fourth rank probably as well. Now only Adam has to take the overall silver!“

Both Czech pilots appeared for the last race of the season in the third starting row. Since the very beginning the race was a thriller with a lot of rough duels. The greatest drama was staged in the very first curve by Jochen Hahn, who hit Adam and punched his rear tyre. But Adam did not give up his battle and did not give Hahn any chance for overtaking. “It was a hard struggle, but we managed! I did not believe I would be able to finish the race without a tyre but I said to myself, if Martin Kolomý can do that at Dakar, I must do it as well,“ rejoiced Adam after arrival at the parc fermé. David controlled the race well and watched for the situation in front of him with the eyes of an experienced matador. “Körber sometimes struggled with the domestic pilot Janiec for the second rank at the very brink of rules, which was very interesting to watch. I did not force myself anywhere, as we had our goals secured. In addition a podium for a French pilot in front of the crowded tribunes will certainly please the fans,“ was a detached comment of the fourth pilot of the overall ranking David Vršecký. “Fantastic, we have fulfilled both tasks with which we arrived at Le Mans – the team gold and Adam´s vice-champion title. I am also satisfied with the fourth rank, I somehow liked potatoes this year,“ added David as a conclusion.

Nearly three hours after the end of the race the jury penalised Jochen Hahn with 30 seconds, which meant for him a drop to the non-scored eleventh rank.

Thanks to the scores added by Adam and David the Buggyra brand won the European championship of Constructors. For the first time in the history of truck racing the champion title is obtained by a purely Czech team with a purely Czech machine and a pair of Czech pilots!!

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