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Luboš Veselý - 17.04.2018

Buggyra Starts New Season with Lacko, Janes and a Third Special!

Buggyra Starts New Season with Lacko, Janes and a Third Special!

On Tuesday the Buggyra Racing team introduced its plans and its pilots for the coming European Truck season at the Most Circuit. Pilot number one will be the acting European Champion Adam Lacko. The second pilot, replacing David Vršecký, who will fully concentrate on a new racing special construction, will be the British racing pilot Oly Janes.


“I think this season will be much more demanding than the last one. This was also evidenced by the fact that the Most testing event welcomed 13 trucks, which had certainly not been the case in the past,“ said Adam, the new double father since this March. “Double father and double European champion sounds nice but I do not think about it in this way at all. It will be very hard but the acting European Champion cannot have a goal other than to win again,“ said Lacko with determination. His new team mate for the coming season will be the British racing pilot Oly Janes, whom Lacko already knows very well. “Oly has tested with us several times already and last year he even raced with us in China. He is an easy mate and I am sure our partnership will work well,“ added Lacko.

The twenty-nine-year-old native of Bristol, UK, who will replace David Vršecký at the steering wheel of the second race truck, will race in the European Championship for the first time in his life. “When I was a boy, I followed the stories of all famous truck racers on TV. Now I will actually race with them. That is my boyish dream come true,“ says Oly, who has raced on the British Islands with the Buggyra truck since 2013. “When I decided what team to choose for my European premiere, Buggyra was a clear choice. I know the team very well, we have been cooperating for five years already,“ were appraisal words of Oly about his cooperation with the team. “My ambition for my first European Race Truck season is to fight for the best possible rank in the Promoters Cup. I do not want to mention any exact ranking plan, I will be getting acquainted with the European Championship first. We will see at the end,“ said the enthusiastic Janes.

The management of the Roudnice team defined a clear objective for the 2018 season after last year´s championship success, and that was construction of another racing special, undertaken by the chief constructor David Vršecký. “I was commissioned with a clear task by our management, and that is to build a third race truck for the European Championship. That is also the reason why I decided to only race in China this season. The programme is very tight,“ clarified David Vršecký his role. If all comes out well, this season will again be writ large in the team history, for never before the team had three trucks in the competition. “My optimistic, but not too unrealistic estimate is that in Most we might already race with three trucks. But that is a very preliminary estimate at the moment,“ added Vršecký.

The team manager Jan Kalivoda expects as interesting season and hopes for good results. “Last season will be hard to overcome but we never hide our high ambitions. Adam will certainly struggle hard to defend his champion title, although the competition will be much harder than last year. The strong competitors will certainly include Jochen (Hahn) and Steffi (Halm), and then there are other big names such as the triple champion Albacete, and Kiss also is a double champion. A very attractive combination,” predicted Jan Kalivoda.

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