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Buggyra Starts with Podium on Sunday

Buggyra Starts with Podium on Sunday

The Czech Buggyra team, thanks to David Vršecký and Adam Lacko, ranks third in the third race of the weekend in Nogaro, France. The pilots exchanged ranks form the time practice, Vršecký ranking fourth and Lacko fifth.

Morning temperatures in Nogaro ranged around the pleasant twenty degrees at the time of the time practice. Both Buggyra pilots advanced to the Super Pole, from the third rank for David Vršecký and the fourth rank for Adam Lacko. In the following ten minutes Jochen Hahn was the quickest, winning the first starting row together with Albacete. Lacko obtained the second row, David one rank lower.

Before the start the background of the team was visited by Her Majesty Marie Chatardová, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in France, wishing the pilots good luck for the race.

The free time between the time practice and the first race was utilised by the mechanics for preventive replacement of the engine in David Vršecký ´s truck. "We wanted to be sure all was OK. We cannot afford any further loss of the precious score points," commented Vršecký on the situation.

After start it looked like a drama but eventually the pilots obediently lined up in the first curve. Jochen Hahn took the lead, followed by Albacete and Kiss. A struggle took place, though, for the fourth rank between the team mates Lacko and Vršecký. For half of the race they rode side by side. David was the luckier one in the end.

"Today I really enjoyed the ride. All worked as expected. I stuck to the third Kiss but there was no chance to overtake anywhere. It is hard to think up anything here,“ stated the fourth ranking Vršecký after the race, improving his appetite after yesterday ´s outage.

Adam Lacko eventually ranked fifth in the finish and thus will start the last race from the fourth rank again. "After start we rode side by side with David for about half of a lap. But when the moment came to line up I was on the outside and thus lost one rank. But the more advantageous will be my starting position for the final race of the weekend,“ said Lacko with detachment after the race.

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