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Buggyra Takes Podium! National Anthem for Lacko, Hard Worked Silver for Vršecký

Buggyra Takes Podium! National Anthem for Lacko, Hard Worked Silver for Vršecký

After the successful Saturday when Adam Lacko ranked second and David Vršecký Third, Sunday at Nürburgring brought further harvest for the Czech team. After the fourth race the Czech national anthem was played for Adam and David obtained silver and bronze. Thus the Buggyra team built an important advantage in the Constructors´ Cup.

Super Pole

The Buggyra pilots easily advances to the decisive super pole from the time practice. After the first measured lap Adam Lacko took the top rank in the results table. However, the champion title defender Norbert Kiss accelerated and moved the Czech pilot to the second rank by nine hundredths of a second in the following lap. But that still meant the first row for Adam in the starting grid of the first race of the day. “What a pity, such a near miss. I will try to return it to him in the first race,“ provoked Adam. David Vršecký obtained the third starting row and will defend the back of his team mate.

Cup Race 3

On Sunday the circuit was again filled with a huge crowd of race truck fans who gathered in the pits and the adjacent tribunes of the German circuit. Those overlooking the first curve had a lot to look at. The start was turned into a drama by Antonio Albacete. The Spaniard did not brake enough and swept Adam Lacko starting from the first row off the track with him. Thus the Czech pilot suddenly found himself at the very end of the starting field. The situation was utilised by David Vršecký who appeared second after Kiss at the exit from the first curve! “Antonio blocked the track a little after start and I managed to squeeze to the second rank! Clearly a super race,“ said the satisfied Vršecký after the third weekend race.

Adam Lacko moved forward from the last rank through the whole starting field, passing the finish after the first lap already ranking eleventh. Before the race ended he advanced to the eighth rank meaning the pole position for the start of the last race of the weekend..”I again received a big blow after start and ended off the track. What a pity that we lose valuable points due to mistakes of others,” complained Adam after the race. The team competition saw Buggyra ranking second in the Constructors´ Cup.

Cup Race 4

The last race promised a big drama, and like on Saturday, one of the domestic female pilots played the main role in it. This time the actor was Steffi Halma, who literally shot off Hahn. The situation was utilised by David Vršecký who squeezed to the third rank after the second Körber and the leading Lacko. While the leading Adam continued to build his advantage over the rest of the starting field, the slower Gerd was in the way to David. The Hungarian pilot Kiss approached the pair from behind. Adam Lacko deserved the victory and received full score for his performance. “I am so happy! This was a great weekend. I am glad not only for myself but also for the team and for David, who worked hard and really deserved his podium results,“ said Adam after the race. The duel between Körber, Vršecký and Kiss was tight for the whole ten laps and the audience really had something to watch. In the effort to defend the third rank and obtain valuable points for the team David could not risk attempts at overtaking the second ranking Gerd. The tactics paid back and the Czech pilot climbed the podium on Sunday again, for a second time this weekend. “Hohohoho, nerves till the very end! But I am glad it is over and we can celebrate,“ were the words transmitted by David´s walkie-talkie after the race.

Thus the Buggyra team achieved another victory in the Constructors´ Cup and built an advantage of twenty six points after the German weekend. “I cannot be unsatisfied with the result! Not only the boys at the steering wheel but also the mechanics performed excellently, and the results reflect it. I hope this is the best invitation to the next race on the domestic ground in Most for the fans,“ invited the Buggyra team manager Jan Kalivoda the audience to the August racing weekend.

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