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Buggyra Team Complete!

Buggyra Team Complete!

After yesterday ´s arrival of Robin Dolejš the Buggyra International Racing System team is complete again, for the first time this year. Immediately after return the racing engineer came to see the Roudnice BTC, and after the weekend he will engage all his strength in the work process!

Like David Vršecký Robin was not bored in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil either. But this was not due to the damaged engine, but due to the world famous Brazilian pickpockets. "As I was told by one of the local people knowledgeable of the local condition, pickpockets are looking forward to the end of every Dakar event for it raises their earnings. This was nothing pleasant but after the experience in Dakar there was hardly anything that could get me down," commented Robin on his brief stay in Brazil. Then he expressed satisfaction at what he saw in BTC. "I can only agree with David ´s statement. Works on the chassis continue exactly on schedule and on Monday we will start planning the first testing." David Vršecký was the guest of this morning ´s TV programme Breakfast with Nova. The theme was a discussion on the Dakar rally. "I would like to close this short but very instructive episode of my life by this for the time being. My first and only priority is race trucks,” described David the state of the affairs.

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