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Petr Bosnakov - 05.05.2021

Buggyra tested at Nogaro, biodiesel is running!

The first working days of May were all about testing for Aliyyah Koloc, Adam Lacko and Téo Calvet as they visited a home base in Nogaro, France.


Buggyra tested at Nogaro, biodiesel is running!

While the weather on Monday was not perfect, yesterday offered proper dry conditions. “I think that the weather was almost perfect. The more mileage the young talents get in wet, the better for them. And they had a chance to try different conditions in a single day,” confirmed Adam Lacko, who apart from Buggyra DV50 tested also both Buggyra Academy specials. “I helped Aliyyah and Téo with setup a bit. First, they were a bit suspicious of me, but then they set faster lap times and agreed that it had helped.”


This year’s championship favourite focused mostly on testing the biodiesel race fuel.“We were a bit worried about higher temperatures. But on Tuesday, the vehicle was fast, there was no smoke, all good. It was pretty much a confirmation of our findings from Most, and the biodiesel really shouldn’t affect the quality of racing. Also, all our improvements on the engine side that we did after Most have worked,” added Adam. 


While for Adam, the season starts on June 12th with a race at Hungaroring, Aliyyah Koloc and Téo Calvet have the first event scheduled a week earlier during the French national truck racing championship at Charade circuit. After that follows a race at Nogaro. “I’ve done the ESET Cup race at Hungaroring. Until then, I should also enter some other races, so I’ll be busy,” said Aliyyah.


And Téo’s plans are very similar. “The break is very long. Luckily, things in France are starting to return to normal and I believe that there’s a full season ahead of us.” 

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