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Petr Bosnakov - 22.12.2020

Buggyra tested where it all properly started in 2020

At Buggyra, they always say that there is never enough testing. And that is why the team took a lot of people, including Martin Koloc, David Vršecký, Jaroslav Janiš, Aliyyah Koloc, Yasmeen Koloc and Téo Calvet to Nogaro, France. The place, where Aliyyah Koloc took her sensational victory in one of her first starts with racing trucks.


Buggyra tested where it all properly started in 2020

Every kilometre counts

Martin Koloc explained the late testing by saying, that the circuit team will have a break during the Dakar Rally. “The girls are young and can take a lot. Téo could drive 24 hours a day. Considering how different this year was, we’ve done a lot of work. But every kilometre counts. Also, Nogaro is a home circuit of our academy, so they’re doing everything to help us here,” says the team boss. But he let Janiš and Vršecký manage the testing team. “I had some personal things to do regarding Dakar. Also, it’s better when I’m just watching.”


Skyrocketing and waiting

There were several vehicles on the track. Téo’s truck, a Mercedes-AMG GT3, a Renault Clio and also a Formula 4. “We’ve agreed that I and Aliyyah will focus on a GT car, with Yasmeen driving the Clio and a Formula 4. And Téo, of course, would work on his truck. And if there was some time, he would try also the Mercedes and a single-seater,” explained David Vršecký. But his first laps in the Formula 4 ended up in a wall. “It wasn’t anything too bad, but I made an error. Luckily, the single-seater is much easier to fix.”

Apart from being an engineer for the Mercedes-AMG GT3, Jaroslav Janiš also had a task of testing the reference lap times, that would be there for the others.“You can’t take away experience from someone, who raced in the DTM and was the official F1 test driver. Jaroslav just got into the car and drove, with me and the girls trying to get closer to him,” said David Vršecký, who was surprised especially by Aliyyah. “We were a bit worried after her career skyrocketed and he completely missed the phase when she was fighting for every point. But it didn’t affect her, she’s completely fine. It’s because she’s not trying to be creative at all cost and she can respect an authority. The GT car and a racing truck, all they have in common, are steering wheel and four wheels. Yet, she handled them great and she was setting pretty quick lap times. While Yasmeen is waiting for her break, David thinks she is a driver that feels the car. “We’re the same. She’s thinking a lot and she’s assertive. She won the Endurance title in her first year, but she knows that she’s at the beginning”


The results are not about your name

David also praises Téo Calvet for his perspective. “He’s levelled in his head. He knows what he wants and how to get it. You can see that his father influenced him, but he also knows that the results are not about your name. He works hard on this and he’s moving forward. To me, he’s one of the dark horses for the 2021 truck racing season.“

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