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Buggyra testing in Brno

The object of testing is a new addition in the form of Mercedes AMG - GT4, the three-day event is attended by the line-up of David Vršecký, Aliyyah Koloc and Yasmeen Koloc.


Buggyra testing in Brno

As David Vršecký explains, the Masaryk Circuit in Brno is an ideal environment for both getting to know the car better and for Aliyyah and Yasmeen's further driving progress. "This is a specific circuit, which differs from Most mainly because of the long corners, which require a slightly different braking method than on the circuits we have raced and tested on so far. Aliyyah set off twenty minutes ago, nicely and quite entertainingly, she's struggling with the circuit so far. I'm very curious to see how Yasmeen, who we'll be racing here in September for the ESET Cup, will handle it at the start," David assessed the initial testing progress.

The event finishes on Wednesday afternoon, while Monday saw testing in half-hour intervals, the Buggyra Racing circuit is fully available for the next two days. "We also want to try different set-ups because we need to get a better understanding of the car, which is new to all of us. The girls and I have agreed that the Mercedes AMG - GT4 will allow us more than the GT3, but it's a question of getting to the limit, or at least as close to it as possible."

The data from Grobnik, from which Buggyra took home nine trophies, will serve as the basis for testing, with Aliyyah turning her first start in the new car into a victory. "Grobnik was okay, but we know we have reserves. It's never so good that it can't be better," David Vršecký knows from his own experience.


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