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Buggyra to Be Very Busy!

Buggyra to Be Very Busy!

Even though Buggyra has temporarily lost the overall leadership in the Championship after two years of continuous leading position in the interim ranking the top management of the team says there is no reason for excessive worries. The technical director of the team and one of the co-creators of the Roudnice miracle Mario Kress feels healthy excitement after the opening racing weekend of this year ´s European Race Truck Championship.

“A single race is no reason for exaggerated conclusions. Partial losses form an integral part of our sport. They just should not be too many," said Kress at the end of the racing weekend at an improvised press conference. "We have a plan to follow, Assen has not changed any of it. The weekend was full of changes and new developments. Antonio and Jochen came excellently prepared and I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate them on that." As the German racing engineer in Czech services added afterwards, the most decisive role in the success of the two MAN drivers was performed by the tyres on the front axles. For tactic reasons, however, his statement was very brief. "The tyres are made from a mixture of materials other than the one used last year. We need to analyse samples and profoundly evaluate all results. I cannot even exclude some testing at this point." The sport director of the team Jan Kalivoda paid most attention to the second cup race in which David Vršecký triumphed on Saturday. "A very nice spectacle: I could see the viewers, who really enjoyed themselves. The Most fans certainly have a lot to look forward to," said Honza adding that regarding the scoring system more attention will need to be paid to the time practice. “The winner of the first cup race will get double the points obtainable in the second race of the day, which is vital for us. And the progress of the Saturday races again proved that if David gets in front of any other driver he is virtually undefeatable by him. The key to success is the quickest time practice then."

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