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Petr Bosnakov - 27.05.2021

Buggyra to race in ETRC 2021 season in full strength

The start of the new European Truck Racing Championship season is coming quickly and now we have seen the entry list. There will be 16 drivers with 4 manufacturers fighting for the prestigious European championship title. And 4 of those drivers have already won a championship title before – Albacete, Hahn, Lacko and Kiss.


Buggyra to race in ETRC 2021 season in full strength

Most drivers come from Germany. Its entries feature a reigning champion Hahn, but also drivers like Kursim, Faas, Hecker, Lenz, Halm and Reinert. Great Britain will have three drivers on the grid with Brereton, Anderson and O´Rourke. There are also going to be two French drivers with Calvet and Janiec. One entry per country goes to the Czech Republic with Lacko, Hungary with Kiss, Spain with Albacete and the United Arab Emirates, thanks to Aliyyah Koloc.


As of the racing specials, there will be eight MAN trucks facing four Iveco trucks, three Buggyra trucks and one Scania. After a few years, Mercedes will be missing on the grid.


The Buggyra team enters the series in full strength. Adam Lacko (Buggyra DV50) will be going after the championship title, while Téo Calvet (Buggyra VK50) and Aliyyah Koloc (Buggyra AK29) are still learning that apart from the European championship, they will also focus on the French championship. “We have a base in Nogaro, but Téo and Aliyyah have to race a lot. So, it’s going to be crucial for them, to combine the French and European championships, whenever possible,” explains the team boss Martin Koloc. “But whenever is Adam going to need help, he can count on Téo and Aliyyah,“ he adds.


David Vršecký agrees with this attitude, who is going to continue his role as Aliyyah’s mentor. “With Téo, it’s clear what he’s capable of. Aliyyah, well after the last year’s great season, she knows that she can grab points in the European series. In France, she’s going to race on difficult circuits, which is going to help her in the future. Next weekend, they both will start the season in Charade. That’s a very difficult circuit, with walls close to the track. They won’t have it easy,” says the two-time European championship and still the fastest truck racing driver in the world. 

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