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Petr Bosnakov - 23.09.2021

Buggyra to split forces at Le Mans

Two weeks after their stop in Zolder, the fastest truckers on the old continent will compete at the famous Le Mans circuit. At one of the best motor racing addresses on the planet, the Buggyra management had to deal with an unusual situation.


Buggyra to split forces at Le Mans

In the end, the decision was made that Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc would take priority in the French Truck Championship. "It was quite simple. They are both Buggyra Academy drivers, Téo is in the lead, Aliyyah is in contention for third place and we are fighting for three trophies in total," explained team principal Martin Koloc, who takes into account the fact that Buggyra has made its path to winning the European Constructors' Cup considerably more difficult with this decision. "That's true, but we have a test base in Nogaro, and in the case of Aliyah and especially Téo, winning in France is much more important than, say, sixth place in Europe." 

An unchanging strategy
Adam Lacko got back on the winning streak in Zolder by beating Norbert Kiss overall, which also equated to a move to runner-up. He has good memories of Le Mans, having beaten two-time European champion Hari Luostarinen in his first season in 2003, finishing in reverse. "Yeah, I really won't forget that, but I'm afraid I won't be able to repeat the same feat this year.  Plus, if I beat Norbert that way, his ego would definitely not go away. I'm happy about the performance and the points from Zolder, but on the other hand I don't overestimate the result. Every race is different. We'll see how the weather is, Le Mans is unpredictable in this respect." The strategy of gaining more points than his rivals remains unchanged. "But more of us will arrive in France with that intention. I am curious to see how Jochen, who is more than 60 points behind Norbert, will perform. Traditionally, though, I'm focusing on myself first and last. I believe we are going to have a very interesting weekend."

Belief in the title
Téo Calvet will bring a 43-point lead to Le Mans after a race at Albi in which he won three of the four races, and he plans to take a decisive step towards overall triumph at his legendary home circuit. "I'd like to build on my performances from previous races, and Le Mans is Le Mans. I believe that I will sell good form, on the other hand, in the truck races, confidence comes only after crossing the finish line," said the sovereign intermediate leader. 

Aliyyah Koloc, the youngest and fastest trucker ever, is fourth overall ahead of Le Mans, just ten points behind third place. "I'm not under pressure in the sense that I have to, but third place is better than fourth. David thinks the circuit might suit me," hopes the 17-year-old, who will rotate between an electric formula, a NASCAR special and a race car in the space of two weeks. "I don't really care, I'm still having a lot of fun with everything."


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