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Petr Bošnakov - 13.10.2020

Buggyra wants to continue in winning streak at Hungaroring

Unlike many other sports, truck racing is successfully trying to make it through the coronavirus crisis. After events at Most, Nogaro, Zolder and Jarama, the fastest European truckers are now heading to Hungaroring in Hungary.


Buggyra wants to continue in winning streak at Hungaroring

The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team is entering its strongest line-up Adam Lacko – Téo Calvet – Aliyyah Koloc and aims to continue in the winning streak. “Just like always, we aim to win, even though the Buggyra trucks don’t have the best history here. To be honest, I don’t even remember if we had ever won at Hungaroring. On the other hand, every streak, even the non-winning ones, must eventually end,” says the team manager Jan Kalivoda. “The most important thing is that even in these crazy times, the drivers are racing. And despite it’s more and more colliding with our Dakar scheduling, we have no other option than to handle it.”


Everything is different...

Despite all his triumphs, Adam Lacko keeps his feet on the ground. “It’s a very specific circuit, like Zolder. Only a driver like Norbert Kiss will have an exceptional advantage at Hungaroring because he is testing very often here,” says Adam who also shared some of his extraordinary experience with the circuit.

“My first race in Hungary was a GT1 championship with Saleen. The circuit is very tight and it’s difficult to overtake at. Back then I thought that if a truck racing series ever gets there, it’s all going to be decided in qualifying.” And it took just a few years before Adam drove with a truck at the Hungaroring. “We did a special show before the F1 race. It is an excellent story. Fans wanted me to push a little bit more, so I decided to go for it and I went slightly across one of the kerbs. Then I went into the pits and suddenly, there was this man who turned out to be a director of the circuit. He looked like he just had a heart attack! Then he told me that he is not going to let anybody destroy his circuit and that was the first and last time that trucks have ever been at Hungaroring. Who would have thought that soon after, a certain Norbert Kiss is going to start racing and now everything is different…”

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