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Luboš Veselý - 03.09.2017

Buggyra Was Successful at Home, Lacko Increases Leadership

Buggyra Was Successful at Home, Lacko Increases Leadership

Although racing on domestic ground always exerts pressure on both Buggyra pilots, both Adam Lacko and David Vršecký have demonstrated sufficient experience transformed into a convincing victory. The advantage of Adam Lacko over the rest of the field tree stages before the end of the championship has increased to sixty points. At the same time David Vršecký scored his best result of the season at the Most circuit.



Super Pole

The overall interim leader of the championship Adam Lacko received the privilege to start from the second row in the first race of the weekend on the basis of his super pole result. “The weather has changed a little bit from yesterday and the road has become slippery. We could not do any better. We must do something about it before the race starts and see what happens in the end,“ was Lacko´s comment on the time practice.


David Vršecký held the sixth quickest lap time for a long time, finally overcome by Smith in the last lap. This meant his start for the first race from the fourth row. “What can you do, I expected a little better results, but Adam and I slipped a little. The more we will have to fight in the race,“ commented Vršecký on the Saturday super pole.


Race 1

Adam Lacko got close to Kiss in the very first curve, but he Hungarian won the duel. However, Adam he did not have to feel pity for that for in the course of the race he managed to overtake the then still second ranking man of the championship and finish the race with the silver rank. “A nice race. In the beginning Kiss made use of the inside trail and held the second rank. But in the end I managed to overtake him after all and so I am satisfied. A podium after the very first race is a good start,“ said Lacko with satisfaction.


David Vršecký improved his starting position by one rank by overtaking Lenz and finally ranking sixth. “The first race was probably up to my expectations. The start of the left line was not very successful so we moved a little forward and in fact until the last but one lap I circled behind Lenz, whom I finally managed to overtake,“ was the double European champion´s comment on the first race. “I will start the second race from the second row, as kind of a stopper between the quick and the slow. I will see what that will lead to,“ he foretold.


Race 2

In the second Saturday race Adam Lacko ranked right below the podium. “The fourth rank is quite good, I think. Maybe if there had been was one or two more laps, it might have been a podium, but it is all the same now. The handicap race is always more difficult and before I managed to squeeze in the front, the leaders developed too much of an advantage over me. Then it already became difficult to chase them. I am satisfied after Saturday and I hope the fans are too, the many as they are here. I am already looking forward to tomorrow,“ said Lacko at the end of the first racing day of the weekend.


The pilot and chief constructor in one, David Vršecký, improved his score in contrast to the first race, finally ranking fifth after his team mate. His score points thus also contributed to the team leadership of the Buggyra Racing team. “Pity that in the beginning I received those blows, lost the trail and the rank. Then Adam made use of my hesitation and overtook me. That was my last mistake in the race and then I already provided a faultless racing performance,“ said Vršecký.



Super Pole

Adam Lacko was the quickest in the Sunday time practice and was thus allowed to use the pole position to start the first race of the day. “This time practice was made for me. The quickest lap came out as expected, I drove at the brink and did not make any mistake, so the result is super. Thank God for the outcome,“ evaluated Lacko the successful time practice.


David Vršecký repeated his result of the previous day and got the fourth row in the starting grid of the first Sunday race. “I cannot say whether I am satisfied or not. I did my best, improved my last lap, but the seventh rank was the best I could do. I will again have to fight in the race,“ said Vršecký.


Race 3

Adam Lacko, the interim overall leader of the championship, did not find any conqueror in the third race of the weekend and performed the start-finish victory. “Right in the first lap I managed to build an advantage over Jochen (Hahn) and then I only concentrated on not making a mistake, which I managed with the first rank as the outcome. I am very happy,“ expressed Lacko his enthusiasm in the VIP tent of the Buggyra team.


His team mate David Vršecký ended the third race with the seventh rank and will thus start the handicap race from the first row. “There was a big mess in the beginning, in which I even lost my rear-view mirror and dropped somewhere to the tenth rank. For the rest of the race I then tried to make up for the loss and the seventh rank was probably the most I could get out of that. But I am very happy about Adam´s victory,“ said Vršecký.


Race 4

Adam Lacko improved his starting position by one rank and eventually ranked seventh. “Before the start to the race I knew that unless I lost with Jochen by more than 4 points I would win at home,“ said Adam Lacko in the finish, after subordinating his racing tactics to this endpoint an finally ranking after his rival by mere one point, which equalled to overall domestic victory.


David Vršecký made use of his start from the first row, only overtaken by Brereton, not starting in the Constructors´ Cup. “The goal was the podium and slowing down the race for Adam. When they told me in my earphones that Jochen (Hahn) was only one score point in front of Adam, I pressed even harder,“ said Vršecký, whose second rank is this best ranking so far this season. The Buggyra Racing team thus became the sovereign controller of the Constructor´s Cup with increased advantage.

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