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Buggyra Winning Saturday Jackpot!

Buggyra Winning Saturday Jackpot!

Just the drivers of the Buggyra racing specials alone celebrated victories on this racing day at the Nürburgring. After the opening triumph of Markus Bösiger the handicap race belonged to David Vršecký.

Unlike the previous races the Buggyras started excellently. Vršecký began the race on the third rank and Bösiger took the fifth position. Their biggest rivals, Albacete and Hahn, on the other hand, developed a considerable loss. But then the Conti curve became a trap for Markus Bösiger. The victor of the opening race tried to overtake the fourth Altenstrasser. But the attempt ended in a contact between the two trucks. The young Austrian performed an exemplary pirouette and Markus got stuck right behind him. After that the two rivals passed the first round on 20th and 21st ranks, respectively. Immediately after that Bösiger was penalised by a pass through the pits. The unsuccessful race then ended for Markus in the sixth round when he had to give up for a technical problem. "I cannot manage the handicap races. I would like to reserve my comments on the reason and the penalty as well," commented Bösiger laconically. On the other hand, Vršecký performed excellently. In the course of the second round he overtook Oliver, and in the fourth round he took the lead. "I felt very well and my truck felt well too. I received information from the pits that I was approached by Jochen Hahn. But I kept my tempo and the victory came easily," said the winner, who at the same time regretted Bösiger´s trouble. "It is a pity. We were up for a double and Bösiger was deprived of more score points than he should have been to. But I made two positions on the winners´ rostrum, and so for myself I am happy."

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