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Buggyra Wins a Double!

Buggyra Wins a Double!

A double triumph was celebrated by Buggyra at the Nogaro circuit today. David Vršecký won a handicap race for the first time this season.

And the pair Vršecký-Levett scored the first victory in the Constructors´ Cup this season. David laid the foundation for his victory immediately after start. First he made Bösiger a statist and then he got in front of the fading Östreich without any problem. "Of course I enjoyed that. However, I knew that I was in a very difficult race. I was followed by Albacete, who wanted to win at last, and Hahn, who just competes with himself," described David the initial moments after start. The rest of the race was about his duel with the abovementioned couple. "To defeat Antonio, chased by Jochen, meant to have a quick truck and not to make a mistake. I managed both. There is an awful lot of work behind this cup. As I said once, the team wins and the team loses." While David made use of the traditionally weak start of Bösiger, Chris Levett paid for the situation and dropped to the final ninth rank. Despite that he was satisfied in the finish. For the first time he celebrated the team victory in the Buggyra colours. "I am glad for David and for the whole team. Today we left behind teams abounding with European champions. But above all we showed that Buggyra must be considered as one of the favourites. We are going to continue with this," said Chris in the pits before a moderate celebration in the middle of the work was started.

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