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Buggyras Attack Famous Nürburgring from Third and Fifth Starting Position

Buggyras Attack Famous Nürburgring from Third and Fifth Starting Position

The most impatiently expected racing weekend has started! The legendary Nürburgring prepared time practice followed by Super Pole to the pilots on Friday. Adam Lacko ´s lap time was enough for the second starting row. David Vršecký will start the first cup race of the weekend right behind the back of his team mate.

After the Thursday free practice where the pilots tried to find the best possible settings for their trucks Friday brought time practice and Super Pole. The expected high visitor rate was already confirmed on the workday. Not only at the circuit but also in the camps around it lively celebrations marked the holiday of all truckers. The weather was favourable to the event, unexpectedly hot for this part of the world. The temperatures nearly attacked the limit of 30 degrees Centigrade and thus the Buggyra trucks were cooled with dry ice. The forecast only expected rain showers on Sunday.


Adam Lacko ended the Super Pole with the loss of mere five tenths of a second behind the quickest Antonio Albacete, thus winning the third rank. However, he defeated the German trucker Jochen Hahn, who did not please the domestic audiences too much with his fourth best lap time. "Before Super Pole we quickly changed setting of the shock absorbers, which appeared to be beneficial. I am certainly happy with the third rank. The weather should be similar tomorrow and so I believe that in the first race we will be able to win a podium rank,“ said Adam on Friday late afternoon.


David Vršecký was three tenths of a second slower than Lacko in the Super Pole, which meant the fifth rank for him. Thus he will start the race right from behind his team mate. "The new tyres make it much better here than at the Red Bull Ring. Maybe we should have reacted to the stronger grip with a change in the chassis setting. In addition I made two minor mistakes in my measured lap. Therefore we can be optimistic about this coming weekend,“ said David with a smile on his lips.

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