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Buggyras Scored in the End

Buggyras Scored in the End

Uwe Nittel and David Vršecký in Buggyras ranked seventh and eighth in the Sunday handicap race of the last but one racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship in Le Mans. Unlike the previous race the start of this one was completely unsuccessful for David and meant a drop by four ranks to the tenth position.

The European Champion then had to work very hard for the rest of the race. First he overtook the Russian pilot Lvov in the fourth lap and then in the eighth lap he overtook Lacko. But his efforts were good enough for the eighth rank only. “I made a mistake at the start. I am quite satisfied with the rest of the race, but my loss behind the best ones was very big," said David in the pits. "Le Mans was not a success for me but this is what our sport is like. Up once and down another time. I hope I will improve my spirits in Jarama." Uwe Nittel ranked seventh after a very decent performance. "I finished in front of David, even though the scalp of this European Champion does not please me as much as my victory over Östreich and Bösiger. What a pity I was penalised yesterday. Otherwise I would be satisfied with my results from Le Mans.”

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