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Calvet beats Kiss! First ETRC Digital win for Buggyra!

The so far undefeated Norbert Kiss had to bow down when he faced the racing craft of the young Téo Calvet in the second race at the virtual Nürburgring. The new acquisition of the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team have brought a premiere victory for Buggyra in the ETRC digital series!


Calvet beats Kiss! First ETRC Digital win for Buggyra!

The young followed of a family tradition replaced Norbert Kiss on the top podium step and now ranks third overall. Thus he interrupted the series of seven race victories in a row of the double European champion. “I started for the second race from the first line and during the race I managed to keep all of my much more experienced rivals behind me. To tell the truth, I did not expect such a good result. The first victory in ETRC, the premiere triumph in Buggyra colours, albeit in a virtual race, that counts,” rejoiced Téo adding that he does not rule out repetition of his performance, especially on the bitumen. “Yes, that will be much more difficult, but I believe that I will work my way towards it after a time, preferably as soon as possible.“


The fourth event of the virtual truck racing series also features the other representatives of the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team, Adam Lacko and Aliyyah Koloc. 


“The real truck racing is a sports discipline full of contacts, unfortunately, in the virtual environment the sound of the clashes is missing. That is why we are much more courageous. I paid for this in the very first lap of the second race, where Anderson sent me to a spin. After that I lost all chances to catch up with my rivals and struggle for a better result,” was the race evaluation of Adam Lacko, European Champion 2017.


The youngest team member, Ms Aliyyah Koloc, started for the very first time as the fresh holder of world speed records for standing-start and flying-start five hundreds. “To say that life is change I still need to get a little older, I guess. But, on the other hand, what you learn in youth that will come in handy later. Due to my preparation for the speed record challenge I could not spend so much time practising on the simulator, but I will make up for the loss before the next events of ETRC digital,“ she promised, laughing. 


The digital series of the European Truck Racing Championship is in its half. Another event will come this Sunday at the virtual circuit of the Most Autodrome. Then Zolder and Le Mans will follow for the whole digital championship to culminate on the road of the Jarama circuit on 16 August.

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